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February 10th 2022

Last night Jordan Benn took the bully and did ITS 83 S to the 10 mile brook rd. Then he continued down 105 where we met East Grand groomer at the out house on the New Denmark rd. He then did trail 1 to the Haynesville bridge. Then doubled back to the clubhouse.

Wally took the Trooper and did 83N to the B stream, Mooers Rd bypass to Meduxnekeag trail 81. Then went on to trail 105 to where we meet Meduxnekeag. And did trail 9 working his way back 105 and then did trail 1 through game reserve to where it meets trail 2&3. From there he turned and doubled back to clubhouse. There are a few branches hanging be careful also lots of moose in game reserve.


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