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January 2022 News Letter

Newsletter for January 2022

The year is off to a great start at Linneus Sno Sports!

Our team has been hard at work for weeks signing and getting trails ready for the season to really kick off. Although there hasn’t been enough snow to have the groomers out steady, we’re hoping that the predicted snow fall for Monday, the 17th will change that. Our Trail Master Wally and his crew will keep our website and Facebook updated as often as they groom so riders know what to expect and our fingers are crossed for a plentiful snow season that brings many sleds through our beautiful trail system.

Inside the club we’ve seen the addition of a couple new flat screen TVs. This is a nice feature to have during our upcoming weekend luncheons. One tv for sledding related programming and one for website information and updates. The weekend luncheons will be held on Saturdays and Sundays. Doors open at 10am with light refreshments offered for purchase until lunch begins at 11 and will run until 3pm. We hope passerby’s will come in to warm up, say hello, fill their bellies and feel so welcome they take the few minutes to become a club member!

Along with stopping in on the weekends for lunch or meeting our members out on the trails, folks can find good company during the week at Linneus Sno Sports. Our Wednesday night Bingo brings out a great crowd for a chance to take home some extra cash, prizes and get over-stuffed on homecooked meal and dessert options. Payouts increase with the amount of people who attend so find your dobbers, grab a pal and head to the club for the Early Bird at 6:30 or Regular game at 7pm.

In other LSS news our much-anticipated annual Poker Run is in the planning stages! The date has been set for Sunday, February 27th and the route is in progress with updates and information still to come. Mark your calendars and plan for a fun filled day!

Lastly, we want to thank a few of our members for their hard work so far this season. Without the time and effort made to get signing and bridge work done, the hours spent not only grooming but maintaining the equipment, as well as kitchen, floor, and calling help for bingo, and our board for the time to organize and plan, none of this would be possible. “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart” and we are very thankful for each person who spends time from family and work to come lend a hand so that others can enjoy the fun. Thank you all!

Until next time, thank you for visiting Linneus Sno Sports, ride safe, stay to the right of the trail and have fun!


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