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September 2022 News Letter

September 2022

The air is getting a little cooler here in the County and we’re approaching Fall. The team here at Linneus Sno Sports met on September 8th and began planning the upcoming sled season with all intentions to have this one be the best yet! We’ve got some fun stuff in the works, including a Landowner Appreciation dinner coming right up on Sunday, September 18th (more on that below!), a Hunters Breakfast planned for October 29th and a date set for our annual Poker Run, February 26th, 2023.

Weekly Bingo is still the place to be on Wednesday nights! Come enjoy a home cooked meal and see if you can win a little extra cash- the bigger the crowd, the bigger the payout!

We’ve got the Winter ’23 membership forms and letters in the mail that you can send back in, or you can sign up online as well at

The board meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month, September-April and members are welcome to attend.

Our fingers are crossed for an early snow that sticks around for awhile and we look forward to bringing you some of the best trails in Aroostook County!


Linneus Sno Sports Secretary

Landowner Appreciation and membership dinner – September 18th 1-4pm

BBQ Chicken, Hot Dogs, Pasta/Green Salads, Baked Beans, Corn and Dessert

Landowners – BBQ Dinner’s On Us!

New or Renewing Membership at Linneus Sno Sports + Yummy BBQ Dinner? - $20

Just Want a Great Meal, No Membership? $15


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